Mar 08 2018

Summit Specializes in Aircraft Cabin Searches

Aircraft security is a top priority for all airlines, airports and passengers. After 9/11, the need to reinforce security policies drastically increased. One such policy that has been in place for more than 40 years is known as an “aircraft security search,” a routine inspection that entails a thorough check of an aircraft after passenger debarkation and prior to passenger boarding while at an airport terminal.

Aircraft searches ensure that all safety measures on the plane are satisfactory, and there are no suspicious or dangerous items onboard. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommends aircraft security searches be “…carried out based on risk assessment or upon procedure” to reduce unlawful activity that might occur on a plane. This routine search has been revised over the years to comply with evolving government standards.

Keeping pace with the ever-increasing security measures that the government mandates all aircraft carriers follow, Summit constantly updates training and policies to make sure that we can meet all government requirements and industry best practices. Our team aims to diminish the possibility of a tragedy happening on an aircraft through our diligent work ethic and rigorous training. This includes preparing our Security Officers to complete aircraft security searches with thorough detail.

Summit Security Officers undergo detailed classroom and hands-on training in the skills necessary to perform intensive passenger cabin searches and cargo hold searches. Summit’s training and search protocols are compliant with Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) regulations. To uphold TSA standard of safety, the extensive curriculum for these Security Officers includes learning the following:

  • Specific tasks which must be performed to bring the aircraft into compliance, including inspection of tamper-evident seals and life vest inspections
  • Procedures/considerations for cargo hold inspections
  • Air carrier notification
  • How to fill out the Aircraft Search forms

To make sure that our Security Officers remain proficient in these skills, random testing occurs throughout the agreed upon contract period. This testing often includes the intentional placement of a suspicious item somewhere in the aircraft by a Security Supervisor and/or a certain safety condition not being met. The Security Officers will not be notified of when the testing will occur so that their true performance can be evaluated. This examination guarantees that our Security Officers are maintaining the highest standards of diligence while on duty.

In light of recent world tragedies, it’s important to know that your customers, family, and employees are safe while in flight. Summit consistently delivers industry-leading aviation security services.

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