Category: Training

  1. Jul 02 2018

    NEW: Leadership Development Program for Veterans and Active Service Members

    Summit believes that continuous education leads to a stronger, more effective team. For this reason our HR team is constantly developing new programs for our Security Officers to expand their workplace skill sets. One of these programs is Summit’s Veteran and Active Service Member Leadership Development Program, designed specifically for veterans and active service members. […]

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  2. Jun 11 2018

    What are Red Ball Drills?

    Lockdown drills are now a common part of daily life, both in school and at work. Many of these mandatory drills consist of the standard “run, hide, fight” scenario. Aric Mutchnick, President of Experior Group, Inc. and creator of Red Ball Drills, wants to change that. Red Ball Drills are intended to be more effective […]

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  3. Jun 04 2018

    Trained Security Personnel Lead to Safer Work Environments

    Summit believes that well-trained Security Officers are crucial to success when it comes to protecting our clients and their locations. It is for this reason that we take our training practices so seriously. Experience tells us that better trained Security Officers lead to safer work environments, increased productivity and efficiency, and enhanced skill sets.  “Summit’s […]

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  4. Oct 31 2013

    Summit Participates in County Panel on School Violence Incident Response

    On October 29, Summit Vice President Nicholas M. Auletta, CPP, participated on a panel of law enforcement, security, legal, and related professional services experts as part of a presentation on school violence awareness for school administrators in Nassau County. The program, “Behavioral Indicators for Potential Violence: An Awareness Program for Educational Institutions,” was hosted by […]

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  5. Aug 22 2013

    Behavioral Analytics: The Importance of Threat Recognition in Modern Security

    No one person is equipped to predict the future, making the threat of active shooter incidents and similar violent acts a constant challenge to our peace of mind. But while training curricula have helped equip security personnel with tactics for responding to and mitigating violent events, the developing science of behavior analytics works to stop […]

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  6. Jun 27 2013

    Special School Training for Active Shooter Response

    The need for aggressive response plans in advance of potential active shooter incidents has led many schools to explore “non-traditional” avenues for training. This includes training for teachers, administrators, and staff members that integrates behavioral science, FBI research, and the national incident management system. In the article, “Those Terrible First Few Minutes: Revisiting Active-Shooter Protocols […]

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