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  1. May 14 2019

    Watch Now: Our People Make the Difference

    At Summit, we are committed to the belief that “Everything Matters”. This means, we are passionate about how we hire, treat and develop our employees. Our extensive training prepares our officers to be the ambassadors for your organization.  

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  2. Feb 13 2019

    Security Officer Frankie Rodriguez Promoted

    Summit Security Officer Frankie Rodriguez has been promoted to the position of Supervisor in the Connecticut Region. Frankie joined Summit in 2017 when Summit was awarded the contract to provide security services to a major client in Connecticut. He had been working as a security officer for the client since 2013. After joining the Summit […]

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  3. Feb 05 2019

    How Advanced Mobile Technology Can Improve Your Security Program

    By John Liberti Vice President, Security Operations Center Summit Security Mobile technology is playing an increasing role in physical security services. Your security program can benefit from including mobile technology solutions that improve communication, enhance compliance, and accelerate incident response. Security Directors whose programs do not currently use a mobile solution or who use a […]

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  4. Jan 23 2019

    Are Low Price Security Officers Worth the Risk?

    You would be hard pressed to find someone in the security industry who did not believe that protecting their customers, employees and property was their highest priority. Yet, when it comes to contracting physical security, the trend is to hire the lowest bidder. Unfortunately, this is a trend that might end up costing your organization […]

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  5. Jan 18 2019

    Integrated Security Solutions

    The Next Evolution of Run, Hide, Fight We are all familiar with the “Run, Hide, Fight” response strategy to an active shooter incident. These quick steps were created to maximize one’s chance of survival during such a traumatic incident. But, what if the chances of survival in such a situation could be dramatically improved? Enter […]

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