Nov 29 2018

FEMA Offers Active Shooter Safety Online Course

As active shooter incidents become more common, many employers are looking to prepare their staff as much as possible. With that in mind, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has created an online active shooter preparedness course. Although the course material is geared towards office spaces, the class is open to the general public and all are encouraged to complete the class.

The course, called Active Shooter: What You Can Do, is open to the public on the FEMA website. The course material reviews the basic concepts of the “run, hide, fight” strategy and strongly recommends that employees become familiar with emergency procedures in their workplaces.

Taking less than an hour to complete, the course provides ideas on conducting active shooter drills, how to interact with law enforcement responding to an actual active shooter event, and what to expect during such an incident. A 12-question quiz completes the course. Course-takers who pass the quiz are emailed a printable certificate.

Summit staff members have been encouraged to complete the course to reaffirm their knowledge of how to survive in an active shooter event. “This course is important enough for FEMA to give out a certificate upon completion,” comments Ed Rutter, Summit’s Director of Security Services, “To me, that means everyone should take it. If you learn even one new thing, it has proven its worth.”

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