Mar 08 2016

Have you seen… SummitFAST?

Have you seen Summit security managers and field leaders accessing security information through Summit-branded devices at work sites?

The handheld devices are actually Android-based smartphones with customized security apps that allow security managers and field leaders to receive real time notifications regarding shift changes, reassignments, and action alerts while in the field overseeing Summit’s ongoing security operations. The phones are part of Summit’s SummitFAST suite of security technologies, which automates internal processes and synchronizes communications, staffing, and compliance functions.

The phones also link security managers and supervisors in the field with Summit’s fully staffed and round-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC). The enhanced communication allows Summit management to communicate immediately and coordinate the right response to any incident or situation.

SummitFAST is a management tool that streamlines day to day administration of client accounts. Using the phones, security managers and field leaders can file daily activity reports, create incident reports complete with photographic and video documentation, make logbook entries, and prepare forms, customized to meet specific client needs.

The efficient, automatic, and detailed communications permitted by the phones allow for better coordination between the SOC and field leaders, boosting efficient resource allocation and tactical reaction. The system also allows Summit managers and field leaders to create detailed records of training and counseling provided to security officers, improving performance assessments and discipline enforcement.

Of course, the greatest beneficiaries of this technology are Summit clients, who receive enhanced security officer performance, incident response and documentation and superior security officer allocation.

So when you see Summit security managers and field leaders consulting their Summit-branded smartphones, know that they are leveraging responsive technology to streamline operations, maximize force deployment efficiency and improve service to Summit clients.


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