Nov 21 2017

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips


Here are some helpful tips to keep your holiday shopping safe and secure:

  • Carry plastic instead of cash. If pick-pockets steal your wallet or purse, you can cancel your credit cards without penalty. Cash, on the other hand, is gone forever.
  • Conceal shopping bags and boxes left unattended in your vehicle. Visible merchandise will attract thieves.
  • Make sure to park in well-lit areas of the parking lot or garage with your windows fully closed, doors locked and alarm activated.
  • Instruct your children that, should they become lost in a store or at the mall, to seek out a uniformed security officer or police officer for assistance.
  • Remain alert to your surroundings; be on the lookout for individuals behaving suspiciously.
  • Be wary of strangers approaching you for any reason. Pick-pockets sometimes work in pairs, with one person distracting the target with a question or request, while an accomplice steals their wallet, purse or shopping bags.

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