Jul 09 2018

Are You Asking the Right Questions on Your Incident Report?

Connecticut Regional Manager James Bernier has introduced new customized report templates for SummitFAST, a mobile solution that provides security workforce management, communications and incident reporting capabilities. The updates are intended to encourage security officers to include more detailed information in incident reports, thus providing the client with more complete reports. “I wanted to base the report off of a ‘when, why, and where’ model. When did the event occur; why did it occur; and where did it occur?” Jim explains. To create the customized incident reports, he met with clients in his region to determine what information they wanted to see in an incident.

Some of the new entry fields for information include:

  • Where is the specific location on the site?
  • Were the police notified? If so, what is the case number?
  • Were the managers of both the client and Summit notified? If so, which managers?
  • A required photo or video of the damage/area of concern
  • A detailed paragraph explaining the incident in the security officer’s own words
  • The signature of the Security Officer on duty

“The camera feature of SummitFAST has already proven its usefulness,” Jim says. Last month, for example, an unauthorized individual trespassed on a client’s site in Connecticut and attempted to steal property. The security guard on duty used SummitFAST to record a video of the attempted theft as it happened. The individual then jumped out of the second story window as the security officer called 911.

On top of the software updates, Jim has set-up multiple SummitFAST check-in points and/or a site report station at the client location. These check-in areas are required each tour, regardless of any incidents (or lack thereof) that have occurred. Jim explained that by installing mandatory report areas, clients who have added SummitFAST mobile devices to their accounts, can be continually notified of incidents.

Summit understands that providing the best service to our clients requires having the best technology, which is why our team continuously searches for the most innovative solutions to fit each organization’s needs. For SummitFAST technology, this means streamlining the day to day administration of client accounts and keeps all important parties (the site manager, the client, and Summit’s operations team) connected when security officers are on duty.

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