Aug 30 2018

Introducing Summit’s Strategic Alliance Partner Intelli-Tec Security

At Summit, we are excited to have strategic alliance partners across all aspects of security, offering our customers a one-stop shop approach for a comprehensive security program. From electronic security (CCTV, access control, fire systems, visitor ID), drones, Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV, crisis management training, and gunshot detection, we strive to offer integrated guarding solutions that help organizations create a holistic approach to layered security.

One of our strategic alliance partners is Intelli-Tec. Intelli-Tec specializes in customizable security technology. We spoke with Intelli-Tec Executive Vice President Jeffrey Hausner to learn more about how the company’s products can benefit clients in conjunction with Summit’s security services.

Intelli-Tec was founded in 1999 with the mission “to ensure the safety and welfare” of their clientele. These services, which can include alarm systems, access control, surveillance systems, and more, are sold to the client as a package. This combination reduces the overall cost to clients than if they were to buy each product individually. Intelli-Tec then personally installs the security technology for each client.

Intelli-Tec’s solutions are customizable to fit a variety of industries, including residential communities, schools and universities, commercial buildings, and others. Some of Intelli-Tec’s services include:

  • Security systems—alarm systems that allow the customer to receive instant event notifications about their house or site, record and store pictures and videos from the any cameras installed by Intelli-Tec, and check in on their house remotely
  • Access control—including biometric readers, ADA/Handicap door openers, CCTV control, and access card readers
  • Fire systems—while Intelli-Tec offers and installs fire alarms for all client needs, they also provide upgrades, testing, and inspections of fire alarm systems on a regular basis
  • Surveillance systems—Intelli-Tec offers a variety of surveillance cameras, giving customers a choice based on their specific needs
  • Turnstiles—ensures only the right people have access into your buildings

Why does Intelli-Tec stand out from other security solutions companies? Jeff explains: “It’s all in the training of our people. Everyone in the company has a background in the security industry, which enables us to work better with clients and offer them the right products. Intelli-Tec understands that a robust training program for its employees will strengthen our products, and this gives the customers what they want.”

For more info on how Summit and Intelli-Tec can strengthen your organization’s security, contact Summit’s Marketing Manager Kim Klimiuk at


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