Feb 12 2019

Is Your Security Team Prepared for Winter Weather?

Winter weather poses unique challenges for security personnel who have to brave the elements to protect your location. Fortunately, there are several proactive steps you can take to make sure your security team is able to handle anything that winter throws at them.

Discuss Vigilance with Security Provider

Ice on walkways and stairs may not be immediately visible, especially at night or after a snow fall. This can cause slips and falls that result in serious injuries for both officers and the public. Insist the security provider advises its personnel to exercise caution if patrolling outside. They should also report any buildup of ice or snow to the property manager or responsible person for quick removal. Direct the security provider to notify property management of any indoor locations that have become slippery from outside foot traffic.

Review Emergency Procedures

Storms and below-freezing weather can result in frozen pipes, power outages, and more. Be proactive and discuss your facility’s plan of action with your security provider so they know what to do and who to contact if a weather-related incident occurs.

Make Sure the Security Officers Have the Right Uniforms

Winter temperatures can plunge unexpectedly and high winds can make low temperatures feel even worse. Make sure the security provider equips its officers with protective winter clothing.

Keep Outside Areas Well Lit

Harsh winter weather can make it difficult for visitors and security officers to navigate – especially at night. Strong lighting at access points, along walkways, and throughout parking lots will help prevent accidents.

Encourage Warming Breaks for Outside-Posted Officers

Cold weather can have a profound effect on the human body, reducing attentiveness and increasing the chance of injuries or illness. Encourage security officers posted outside to take short breaks in heated areas to warm up.

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