Feb 05 2019

How Advanced Mobile Technology Can Improve Your Security Program

By John Liberti
Vice President, Security Operations Center
Summit Security

Mobile technology is playing an increasing role in physical security services. Your security program can benefit from including mobile technology solutions that improve communication, enhance compliance, and accelerate incident response.

Security Directors whose programs do not currently use a mobile solution or who use a limited solution spend a lot of unnecessary time on tasks that up-to-date mobile systems perform automatically. These tedious tasks include:

  • Manually searching and archiving paper logs and incident reports
  • Confirming tour completions
  • Personally communicating alerts and notifications
  • Making sure security officers have read and understood physical copies of post orders housed at each site

Without a mobile technology solution, there is no way to verify in real-time that security officers are at their assigned posts or have completed their assigned patrols. Nor any way to be alerted if they leave the site.

You can eliminate these tedious tasks by adopting an advanced tracking and communication tool that puts specially programmed smartphones—set in a rugged case and limited to security uses—in the hands of security officers on post and patrol. These smartphones should feature customized security apps that allow security managers and supervisors to receive real time notifications regarding shift changes, reassignments, and action alerts while in the field. The phones should also provide:

  • Tour verification – Officers scan NFC sensors with the smartphone to make sure every designated point on the tour has been visited
  • Geo-fencing – The smartphones can be configured to send alerts if a security officer moves outside of a designated area
  • Officer tracking through GPS – The smartphone’s onboard GPS keeps a record of the security officer’s exact location, which can be tracked in real time

Using these security-enhanced smartphones, security officers can enter logbook entries, daily activity reports, incident reports with photographic and video documentation, and other client-customized forms directly. This reduces unnecessary paperwork and means that logs and incident reports can be searched with a click of a mouse. This means less drudge work for you, added quality control for your site, instant incident alerts, and real-time knowledge of where your personnel are.

About the Author
John Liberti oversees the daily operation of Summit’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC). He is a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist with U.S. Department of Homeland Security Business Continuity and Operational Risk Assessment certifications and is a member of the Software Client Advisory Board for TEAM Software.


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