Jul 02 2018

NEW: Leadership Development Program for Veterans and Active Service Members

Summit believes that continuous education leads to a stronger, more effective team. For this reason our HR team is constantly developing new programs for our Security Officers to expand their workplace skill sets. One of these programs is Summit’s Veteran and Active Service Member Leadership Development Program, designed specifically for veterans and active service members.

The Summit Team includes many veterans and active service members from all branches of the military, including our Vice President of Human Resources and Vice President of Aviation Services Division.

The Leadership Program was designed to enhance these veterans’ and active service members’ skills and abilities while encouraging a smooth transition into civilian work. The classes strengthen underlying leadership qualities and prepare Summit Security Officers for leadership positions.

  • The program is comprised of two series of courses: the Supervisory Series and the Management Series. The Supervisory Series entails five training courses that take a total of approximately three hours to complete. The courses included in this series are Supervisor Behavior and Motivation, Counseling and Sexual Harassment, Workplace Diversity, Motor Vehicle Incident Investigation for Supervisors, and Motor Vehicle Safety Overview for Supervisors.
  • The Management Series, on the other hand, requires the completion of seven training courses that take a total of approximately four hours to complete. The courses in this module include Basics of Risk Management, Leadership Principles, Reducing Business Risk, Time Management, Professional Standards, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management, and Communication Mistakes to Avoid.

Upon completion of each series, Security Officers receive a Certificate of Recognition and an announcement of their achievement in Summit On Post, our digital newsletter.

Summit is dedicated to supporting our employees’ career development and producing more qualified Security Officers for our clients in the process. For more information on Summit’s training programs, click here to contact us.

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