Feb 18 2020

Security Officer Lettyvette Luna Recognized as Employee of the Month

Pictured, from left to right: Client Ray Philbrick, Security Officer Lettyvette Luna and Regional Manager Jim Bernier

Last month, a Security Officer in the Connecticut region provided critical assistance to a disoriented woman, potentially helping the woman avoid injury and reuniting her with her family.

The woman initially approached Security Officer Lettyvette Luna asking for directions. Officer Luna provided the directions, but noted that the woman seemed confused. Later, Officer Luna encountered the woman again. This time, the woman appeared agitated. The woman explained to Officer Luna that she had come from Puerto Rico to visit her daughter, but couldn’t find her daughter’s house.

Based on the woman’s behavior and appearance, Officer Luna became concerned. She brought the woman to a nearby heat-lamp to warm up and contacted emergency services so that medical personnel could evaluate the woman. EMS opted to take the woman to the hospital. Shortly after they did so, a Silver Alert for the woman was issued in the area. Silver Alerts are public notifications, similar to Amber Alerts, for senior citizens and people with dementia and other mental health issues who are reported missing.

Officer Luna’s quick thinking and compassion ensured that the woman received the medical assistance she needed. Officer Luna received the Employee of the Month Award for her actions. We congratulate Officer Luna for demonstrating the high quality of service that our clients have come to expect from Summit Security Officers.

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