Apr 15 2019

Summit Holds School Safety Roundtable

Pictured above are security professionals who participated in the Forum

On March 20th, Summit held a School Safety Roundtable at its corporate headquarters in Uniondale, New York.

The roundtable comprised security directors from Long Island schools, who came together to discuss security best practices to help keep students, faculty, and guests safe while on school property. Topics included active shooter scenarios, partnerships with local law enforcement, training, threat vulnerability and assessments plans, perimeter breaches, lockdown / lockout drills, school traffic safety, and technology to enhance physical security.

Terry Culhane, Director of Security for Riverhead School District commented, “This forum was a great opportunity to get together with Directors of Security from other districts across Long Island to share best practices with the goal of improving safety and security in our schools.”

During the event, common security issues and ideas for improvement were exchanged between attendees. Below are three suggestions that were proposed at the roundtable:

Actively Involve the School Administration & Staff

  • Faculty aren’t always involved in establishing a security plan for their school. Encourage school staff to become acquainted with the security personnel on campus, and to establish frequent and ongoing communication between school administrators and the district’s security services provider. By collaborating with your security services provider, a more well-developed security program can be implemented.

Create a Safe Atmosphere for Students

  • Students should feel comfortable approaching trusted adults—guidance counselors, teachers, security officers or other designated individuals—if they hear or see something that concerns them. Your security services provider should work with school staff and administrators to ensure that students feel comfortable approaching security personnel with their concerns. A process for handling any sensitive information should also be established to protect the identity of students who report potential problems and threats.

Develop a System for Social Media Checks

  • Social media allows information to spread rapidly, especially among students. Some school districts now use software platforms that scan social media networks for potential threats to school safety. Discuss with your security services provider whether this is something that your school district could benefit from, and ask if they can assist with the setup of such a system.

Both school districts and security services providers can implement these ideas to strengthen school security programs.

Summit is committed to continuous service improvement to enhance the safety and wellbeing of all of our clients. By collaborating and sharing best practices, we continue to provide industry-leading service.

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