Sep 04 2018

Summit Officers Stop Robbery, Assist Student

Pictured, from left to right: Summit’s Client Service Manager Elwood Tuck, Security Officer Hassan Wallace, Security Officer Victor Flores, and Regional Manager Al Murphy

Summit Security Officers Victor Flores and Hassan Wallace were applauded for their quick thinking when they witnessed a crime scene unfold.

A student at one of Summit’s academic clients in New York City was exiting campus when he was physically assaulted by a stranger. The suspect attempted to steal the student’s bag. Officers Flores and Wallace witnessed the encounter and ran to the student to stop the robbery. They immediately called for backup and the assailant was apprehended. Because of their intervention, the student received no further injuries.

The client said, “Please extend my gratitude to Security Officers Wallace and Flores for all that they do to ensure the safety of the [our] community.”

Because of their actions, both Flores and Wallace have received Employee of the Month awards.

It’s our honor to have such quick-thinking, courageous security officers who are dedicated to the safety of those around them. Summit would like to personally thank Officers Victor Flores and Hassan Wallace for their hard work. They serve as a standard for all Summit security officers.

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