Jul 09 2019

Summit Security Officer Aids Fire Response

Client Service Manager Peter Murray (right) presents Security Officer Astoria Wint with the Employee of Month Award

Summit Security Officer Astoria Wint has been recognized for outstanding performance of duty. Recently, a fire broke out in the building where Wint is posted. Properly following protocol, Wint helped facilitate an evacuation of the building and coordinated with arriving fire fighters, who extinguished the blaze. According to Summit’s client at the building, Wint received “personal congratulations and highest compliments” from the fire chief.

The client stated that Wint “demonstrated an exemplary behavior, unparalleled commitment to her job,” “presence of mind,” “knowledge of her duties,” and “management under duress” during the incident. The client further noted that Wint consistently displays “exemplary manners, outstanding commitment, deep devotion, magnificent attitude, exceptional professionalism, and friendly delivery of service.”

We thank Wint for her dedication to duty, professionalism and for embodying the “Everything Matters” philosophy that is at Summit’s core.

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