Dec 10 2019

Security Officer Patricia Prendergast Named Employee of the Month

Security Officer Patricia Prendergast is assigned to a State of Connecticut medical care facility. Recently, the family of a patient at the facility wrote to Summit, praising Prendergast for her courteous and welcoming behavior during their visits. The family noted that Prendergast’s especially cordial treatment resulted in a pleasant experience, especially when they entered the facility for the first time. “You cannot imagine how important it was that our first contact was so positive and that we were smiled at,” they wrote.

The family said that Prendergast always followed proper security procedures when admitting them to the facility and described her as “a kind and reassuring person” who reflected well on the medical care facility and Summit. They were so happy with Prendergast, that they scheduled their visits to correspond to her shifts.

Praise for Prendergast does not surprise her supervisors. “Patricia is a great Officer,” commented Connecticut Regional Manager James Bernier. “When I first met her at her post, she presented herself as a total professional. She continues to go the extra mile for the client, their visitors and for Summit as she frequently assists with extra coverage needs.”

In recognition of her excellent work, which fully demonstrates the high standards of customer service and professionalism that Summit provides to its clients and the public, Prendergast was recently named Employee of the Month.

Pictured, left to right: Client Lucy Cocozza, Client Fran Gregory, Summit Security Officer Patricia Prendergast, Summit Regional Manager Jim Bernier, and Client Denise Wyrivk

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