Jul 03 2018

Summit’s Jim Bernier Discusses “Run, Hide, Fight” on Fox61 News

Photo Credit: Fox61 News

In the wake of last month’s horrific mass shooting at Maryland’s Capital Gazette, which claimed five lives, workplace violence has again become a major topic of media discussion.

On Friday, June 29, Fox61 Connecticut interviewed James Bernier, Summit’s Connecticut Regional Manager, about workplace safety. During the interview, Jim, who teaches active shooter training, outlined the “run, hide, fight” method for surviving an active shooter event and offered advice for employers.

  • Jim explained that the most important way businesses can help keep their employees safe is by promoting education and awareness regarding the subject of active shooters. He noted that the first option is to run to safety—or at least away from the shooting–if possible. Get out of the area and try to go with other employees.
  • If running isn’t an option, Jim says that hiding under a desk, or a cubicle or in a kitchen area with the door barricaded is the safest bet.
  • He warned that cell phones should be switched to silent mode in order to prevent inadvertently revealing one’s location.
  • Should it become necessary to fight for one’s life, Jim suggests, using any blunt or sharp object in the immediate area. He demonstrated that scissors, a stapler, and even a clock could be thrown at the active shooter.

Click here to watch the interview.

While it’s best to come up with a customized plan of action for your specific work environment, the “run, hide, fight” method can help if you or your employees experience an active shooting event in the absence of a specific plan.

For more information on how Summit can help your organization prepare for a possible active shooter scenario, click here to contact us.

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