Nov 29 2018

Purdue University Partnership to Improve Employee Retention

Summit is invested in our employees’ professional development because we know that better educated employees provide superior service to our clients. To boost our employees’ skills we have partnered with Purdue Global, an accredited degree program that offers working adults with inflexible schedules the freedom to learn at their own pace through online courses from Purdue University.

This partnership allows all Summit employees and their immediate family to complete a wide variety of degree-level programs—including in Public Safety, Fire and Emergency Management, and Criminal Justice—at reduced cost. Active service military personnel, veterans, and their spouses can take advantage of additional tuition reductions.

Recent research confirms that investing in professional development for employees is linked to higher retention rates. Better educated security officers and lower employee turnover rates directly benefit Summit clients through improved service and reduced disruptions.

At Summit, we are committed to encouraging our employees to grow, whether that be through expanding their skill set or engaging with their community. For more information on how Summit employee initiatives benefit our clients, contact Kim Klimiuk at

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