Sep 22 2017

Roll Call: Ariel Rodriguez, Client Service Manager

Ariel Rodriguez is a Client Service Manager in Summit’s New York City Regional office responsible for supporting the security operations of media giant ABC Disney. He is involved with all facets of this high profile corporate account, which consist of scheduling, client contact, officer management and payroll. The Summit Report spoke with Ariel about his work with Summit clients in New York City:

TSR: In your role as Client Service Manager, how do you manage and maintain Summit’s client partnership with ABC/Disney?
AR: I interact daily with ABC/Disney managers and staff. This usually means communicating with a myriad of departments inside ABC, ranging from their security department to facilities management and the network’s individual TV shows. Every day I assess and respond to a wide variety of requests and concerns. This can involve arranging security coverage for special events or celebrity appearances or responding to requests from specific ABC locations. Maintaining open communication with client management is crucial since it allows Summit to address ABC’s needs.

TSR: How does Summit maintain such long lasting client partnerships?
AR: Our clients come to see that Summit is constantly working, not only to meet their needs, but to anticipate them. A large media client like ABC operates in a constantly shifting marketplace and they have to be very flexible to adapt to changing market conditions. That means that Summit has to be flexible too, so that we can provide the services ABC needs when they need them.

TSR: How do the needs of a major media organization differ from other types of Summit clients?
AR: In my years of experience with Summit, I’ve managed many different types of client accounts, ranging from small clients who need only one security officer per tour, to massive organizations that have dozens of security officers assigned to each shift. ABC has more sensitive requirements for officers due to daily interaction with celebrities and dignitaries, as well as world-renowned journalists. All officers must have prior security experience working in fast-paced environments and excellent customer service skills. They must also possess attention to detail, and must at all times be vigilant while on duty to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to such VIPs, or to facilities.

TSR: What special challenges does a large account like ABC/Disney present to you as client service manager?
AR: Dealing with such a large client with so many departments, TV shows and locations requires constant attention to every detail. Responding to every request and making sure that I am aware of ABC’s changing needs means that I must communicate with ABC staff on an almost around-the-clock basis. Also, because we are often dealing with media celebrities, famous actors, journalists and politicians, we have to be very sensitive in how we respond to requests and how our security officers perform their duties.

TSR: What gives Summit an advantage over competitors in NYC?
AR: Unquestionably, it is the personal touch that Summit provides to its clients. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have the most customized service—designed to fit their unique needs—and the most responsive service. Our clients know that, because we are locally based, our management team is always accessible and that lines of communication are always open to all levels of our organization. Summit also exceeds the competition through the substantial investment we make in our employees—training, professional development, benefits, etc.—which creates a more enthusiastic workforce with an industry-low turnover rate. Summit employees like coming to work because they know that opportunities to grow with Summit are always available.

TSR: What do you consider the most satisfying aspect—or greatest accomplishment—of your role as Client Service Manager?
AR: Personally, the most satisfying aspect of my position is to be a contributing factor in the overall growth and well-being of the company. Summit has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and offered me the chance to work with many wonderful professionals who have always been there to support me and provide excellent advice when needed. The level of knowledge and expertise among the Summit team is amazing. I feel honored to be part of such a company.


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