Jun 05 2017

Roll Call: Pete Bartolillo, Client Service Manager

Peter Bartolillo 2016Peter Bartolillo is a Client Service Manager at Summit’s Long Island Regional Office in Melville, New York, which provides security services to dozens of schools and school districts. A long-time Summit employee, Peter previously served as Client Service Manager, Field Leader and Operations Manager at Summit’s New York City Regional Office in Manhattan.

TSR: How does Summit serve schools and school districts?

PB: Summit develops complex, integrated security programs for institutions and school districts—many with multiple, geographically dispersed facilities and large campuses. We collaborate with school officials to assess each school’s unique needs and community demographics and provide customized security and emergency plans that best fit the institution.

Summit uses a highly refined candidate screening process that allows us to recruit the most talented and qualified security personnel, including a large number of former law enforcement officers. Then we provide specialized training programs—including highly effective customer service training—to make sure that our personnel have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform effectively in school environments. Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of students, school staff, parents and members of the community. We make sure our personnel meet and exceed the expectations of our academic clients.

TSR: In your role as Client Service Manager, how do you manage and maintain Summit’s client partnerships?

PB: First and foremost, I listen to the client’s needs and requirements and make certain that Summit responds to their satisfaction. In the case of schools and school districts, that means consulting with school administrators or school board officials. Our clients know that Summit delivers the most cost-effective, customer-focused responsive service, which is why they chose us. Making sure we live up to our reputation is important. Then I follow-up with the clients on a regular basis to ensure that their needs haven’t changed and that they remain satisfied. I also communicate with the security personnel assigned to client sites to make sure that they are properly supported and happy. A lot of being a CSM involves working closely with the clients, keeping them informed, attending their special events, being punctual to meetings and taking a hands-on role. I am always looking for ways to improve service and the clients appreciate that.

TSR: What other types of clients does Summit service on Long Island?

PB: Summit serves a wide variety of clients from the Melville office, ranging from government agencies to big corporations. Our other major accounts include Class A commercial office buildings, warehouses and movie and television studio locations. Additionally, we handle state and local government facilities, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Yards, bus terminals and bus depots. Of course, we also provide security for high profile special events like car shows and the Jones Beach Fireworks and Memorial Day Airshow.

TSR: During your time with Summit, how has the company’s operations grown?

PB: Tremendously.  The total number of security officer hours worked per week on Long Island have almost doubled since I was transferred to this region. This is because we are continually attracting new clients based on our reputation as an industry leader. Many of our new clients come from referrals by our existing clients. We have developed a solid reputation among local school districts, which is why we serve so many of them. Relying on best practices and dedicated customer care has made Summit the leading security services provider on Long Island and throughout the New York metropolitan region.

TSR: What gives Summit an advantage over competitors?

PB: Summit excels at customer service and client response. Unlike many of our competitors, our senior executive management—including our Co-Presidents—are locally based and accessible as needed to regional management teams. It’s a huge advantage and it accelerates Summit’s ability to respond to special situations and urgent requests. Also, Summit has a significant technological edge with SummitFAST, our mobile communications and force management solution, which allows us to manage security officer deployment, create reports, and disseminate critical information in real time.

TSR: How did you come to join Summit?

PB: I started working in construction, but after a while I realized it was taking quite a physical toll and decided that it might be a good idea to make a career change. I was interviewed for a security officer position at Summit’s New York City Regional Office in Manhattan and was ultimately hired as a field leader. The job was located in Manhattan, of course, and I was a little nervous because I wasn’t familiar with the city—and especially the subway system—but I was interested in the job, so I took the offer and I’ve been with Summit ever since. Besides, since I had been interviewing for a security guard position at Summit, being hired as a field leader was like getting a promotion before I even started. It was a good sign for continued career growth.


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