Apr 10 2017

Roll Call: SOC Operator Matt Regan

fullsizerenderMatt Regan is an Operator at Summit’s Security Operations Center (SOC), where he works to ensure that Summit client sites are fully staffed and that urgent client requests are fulfilled in a speedy and responsive manner. The Summit Report spoke with Matt about his role at the SOC and his time at Summit.

TSR: How did you come to join Summit?
MR: I started in 2014 at the Port Authority in New York City. I came on just as they were formulating the Operations Assistant position at the Port Authority and I stayed at that position for a little over a year. Then John Liberti, the SOC Director, offered me a chance to work at the upgraded SOC, which was ultimately going to be located at the corporate office in Uniondale, New York. That was a better fit for me since I live on Long Island.

TSR: How has the SOC changed since you joined the SOC Team?
MR: First, we moved from New York City to Melville and then to Uniondale once construction of the SOC was finished. The SOC now has a much larger scope of work. When we first came on, John had a plan about how the SOC would evolve. The team had originally been known as the New York Dispatch, which mostly just managed the large accounts in New York City, including big banks and major universities. The other regions outside the city were self-sufficient. John believed that one central command center would help improve efficiency and management across the whole company, reducing costs and boosting client service. Under John’s leadership, our team began to expand the territory we monitored, increasing to cover Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. With the move to Uniondale, we now can take advantage of dramatic technology improvements and the proximity of Summit’s executive management team, which allows us to respond even more quickly to client needs.

TSR: How does advanced SOC equipment help improve client service?
MR: The SOC has truly state-of-the-art technology, from high-powered computers to super-fast network connections. The biggest impact of this technology is to boost efficiency and increase our response time. The quicker we know exactly what is going on at a client site and can communicate with the client or our people in the field, the faster we can assess the situation and provide the right response. Being located at the corporate office, we also have direct access to Summit’s Information Technology team, headed by Arnie Rind, which makes installing upgrades and new equipment easy and seamless. The upgraded computer systems and automated scheduling and management software has greatly increased the speed and efficiency with which new coverage requests can be met. It’s a busy environment every day, but we have the tools and the experience needed to keep Summit’s clients happy and covered.

TSR: What’s a typical day like for you as a SOC Operator?
MR: I’m here in the mornings, around a quarter to six. I start the day by speaking with the operators coming off their shifts to see what happened overnight and determine if there is anything happening to which I need to pay attention or handle. Then I jump right into it. We also have a number of client sites—particularly major construction sites—that sometimes need to fill urgent requests for more security officers who have been specially trained and certified to work at such sites. Fulfilling those requests in the quickest possible time is the priority, as is keeping all the other client locations fully staffed.


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