Dec 04 2014

Roll Call Video: Paul Pavarini, Client Service Manager, Columbia University

Join us in Summit’s first video installment of Roll Call, and learn how Client Service Manager Paul Pavarini manages our force of security professionals at New York’s world-renowned Columbia University.


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  1. Raymond Fisher

    I have worked for summit security for three and a half years now I believe it is one of the best companies out there in the security industry that is the reason why everyday I go to work to support my family I am proud to say I am employed by Summit security I would like to thank them and trusting in me their professional name and letting me be the security officer for that company each and every day Thank You Raymond Fisher jr.

  2. Darrell Jones

    Greetings All,

    I have known Mr. Pavarini for 20 years. His commitment to deliver the best results regardless of the task gives Summit Security the edge over the industry.
    Northern Manhattan is home to many Universities and points of interest. The commitment I see when interacting with a Summit Security Guard, is a reflection of the training and leadership Summit Security provides. Your only as safe as the people that guard you, and the client is only as organized as the person that Manage them. With Summit Security Services at Columbia University, you can take great comfort in knowing! Its a great place to live, work and learn. All the Best, DJ

  3. Chaney George

    First off I would like to say that I’m thankful for the opportunity that summit have given me,and the trust that they put within me to be one of their supervisor at Columbia morning side campus. PAUL PAVARINI is a great client service manager, he’s an understanding and fair boss to work under. I’m please to have Paul as my boss, I look at Paul as a mentor to his staff both supervisors and guards. Within the time frame that PAUL have been the CSM at Columbia, he have done an outstanding job.

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