Jul 06 2018

Security at Special Events

Summit Security Officer at the 2018 Jones Beach Fireworks Show

Summer has arrived, and Summit is swinging into action to provide special event security services across the tri-state region.

With more than 4,500 security officers, Summit is prepared for any event, even on a short notice. Due to the many security challenges at special events, Summit customizes its approach for each event to ensure success. Don’t believe us? Here are some events that Summit has protected so far this summer:

  • Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach, held over Memorial Day weekend. Summit has provided security services for this event since 2016.
  • LGBT Network’s 28th Annual Pride Weekend at Long Beach, from June 6 through June 11. Summit’s security officers were present to ensure the event was safe while still being enjoyed by all attendees.
  • Sterling National Bank July 4th Fireworks Show at Jones Beach.
  • Green Leaf Racing’s Firecracker4 race at Saratoga Springs, also on July 4, at which Summit security officers provided access control for the event.
  • July 4th Fireworks at Waterside Plaza. Summit provided security for Waterside Plaza’s residents and guests, who enjoyed an unparalleled view of the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular over the East River.

Client Services Manager Peter Bartolillo (left) and Regional Manager Robert Calabrese (right) on site and preparing for the 4th of July Fireworks Show at Jones Beach

Long Island Regional Manager Robert Calabrese and Client Services Manager Peter Bartolillo explained how they prepare for major events, such as the Bethpage Air Show. “It begins with our people,” Peter said. First, Summit’s Regional Team meets with client representatives at the event site. Specific security needs are discussed along with backup staffing concerns and Summit management reviews the site to understand the layout and determine how to organize staff during the event.

The regional office then reviews all personnel and selects the best officers based on the event’s needs. When security personnel check in, they are given an immediate supervisor to report to throughout the event. Each supervisor manages no more than eight security officers. Also on site are Field Leaders, Client Services Managers, and the Regional Manager. All staff on site wear brightly colored shirts to pinpoint each other in the crowds.

Summit provides access control, parking control, and bag checks; security officers notify police and other officials when necessary.

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