Sep 05 2017

Security at the World’s Leading Media Giants

New York City is home to some of the world’s leading media giants. So it should be no surprise that Summit provides comprehensive security services to a number of high profile media companies across the greater New York metropolitan region.

These organizations face a wide array of specific security threats and challenges. In order to meet these ever-evolving needs, Summit works closely with each client to analyze its particular vulnerabilities and special requirements and develop comprehensive security plans that protect the client organization’s employees, guests, assets and talent.

In addition to protecting studios and offices, media companies often require special event security services for concerts and performances and executive protection services to ensure the safety of celebrities, high profile journalists and politicians who are visiting their facilities. These services demand a high level of professionalism from security officers and organizational experience in sophisticated threat assessment. Summit security officers assigned to media outlets must balance courteous interactions with members of the public with keeping dignitaries and celebrities safe and secure.

Summit has developed extensive experience handling special events at public venues. A number of security elements are involved in creating effective special event security coverage, including executive/VIP protection services, crowd control, access control, CCTV monitoring, parking management and traffic control, perimeter checkpoint security, emergency response, First Aid/CPR/automated external defibrillation, mobile and vehicle patrols, and fire/life safety services. Summit also leverages its deep reservoir of security officers with law enforcement backgrounds and our ongoing partnerships with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that special events are safe and enjoyable for both the public and the performers.

Delivering security at the facilities where these television shows are produced requires protecting the hosts while in studio; managing crowds of fans; controlling access to the facility; coordinating the arrival, departure, and protection of guests; and working with local, state and national law enforcement agencies when protecting prominent performers, celebrities, politicians and dignitaries.

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