Executive Protection

With Summit Security Services, organizations and individuals with elevated security needs gain peace of mind knowing they are protected by an elite force of executive protection specialists who blend holistic protection skills with the highest discretion and professionalism. The Summit executive security portfolio includes protection for prime-time TV personalities on live studio shoots, Fortune 500 executives and their families, international corporate shareholder meetings and high-profile performers at public events.

As former and off-duty law enforcement officers and military veterans with distinguished service records, Summit’s executive protection specialists exceed the highest standards of professional expertise, integrity, character and physical and mental fitness. They have the critical skills needed for superior client protection, including emergency medical skills, logistics and planning, defensive tactics, surveillance and counter-surveillance, and detection capabilities. Summit’s specialized security services programs include:

For more information on how Summit’s executive protection services can protect your peace of mind, please contact us at 516.240.2400 or email info@summitsecurity.com.