Fraud and theft are on the rise. Internal waste and systemic regulatory noncompliance can cut deeply into organizations. Proactive leaders of small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies have turned to Summit for investigative service strategies that maximize protection and return on investment.

Anchored by regional offices in New York and California, Summit’s Investigative Services Division offers comprehensive investigative solutions to organizations that seek to reduce their exposure to risk, losses, theft and fraud; protect business continuity and assets; ensure compliance and expose hidden threats; and to increase their legal protections against internal and external crimes.

Summit’s licensed investigators and analysts are chosen for their unique investigative experience and capabilities. Many are retired from law enforcement and/or have had distinguished careers in specialized areas of corporate or government investigations. They have the multidisciplinary skills and intelligence to complete complex investigations, from case assignment to testimony.

Please contact us at 516.240.2400 or email to discuss Summit’s investigative solutions for protecting your peace of mind.