Jun 04 2018

Trained Security Personnel Lead to Safer Work Environments

Summit believes that well-trained Security Officers are crucial to success when it comes to protecting our clients and their locations. It is for this reason that we take our training practices so seriously.

Summit recently conducted Workplace Rights Training for security personnel at the George Washington Bridge

Experience tells us that better trained Security Officers lead to safer work environments, increased productivity and efficiency, and enhanced skill sets.  “Summit’s Security Professionals, while on post, aren’t just representatives of Summit; they’re also a reflection of the client. By enforcing this rigorous training, Summit is better able to protect not only the client’s site and tenants, but also the client’s reputation by offering the highest quality Security Officers possible,” explains Liz Clarke, Director of Training and Development.

Summit recently conducted refresher Workplace Rights Training for the Summit Security Professionals posted at the George Washington Bridge – NJ. Three separate sessions were held to ensure the attendance of all officers posted at the Bridge. During the sessions, employees held interactive discussions regarding Summit’s policies regarding Workplace Rights.

Summit recently conducted Specialized Aviation Training at JFK International Airport

Summit also conducted Aviation Specialized Training for the Summit Security Professionals posted at JFK International Airport. The training included a thorough understanding of TSA Rules and Regulations, proper Aircraft Search procedures, Catering Cart Inspections, Ramp and Bag Room Security Procedures, Hand-Held Metal Detector Usage and much more.

Through training seminars such as the above, Summit Security Officers maintain their abilities and continue to provide quality service while on post.

For more information on how Summit’s specialized training can help you, please contact us.

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