Oct 31 2017

How Does SummitFAST+ Benefit You?

Summit leverages cutting-edge technology to lower costs and improve service for our customers. Our SummitFAST+ smartphones are a great example of technology delivering added value for our clients.

These Android-based smartphones feature customized security apps that allow Summit security managers and field leaders to receive real time notifications regarding shift changes, reassignments, and action alerts while in the field overseeing Summit’s ongoing security operations. The phones are part of Summit’s suite of advanced security technologies, which streamlines communications, staffing, and compliance functions.

Summit clients realize considerable advantages through SummitFAST+, including:

  • Enhanced communication between Summit managers and security personnel in the field, which allows Summit management to communicate immediately and coordinate the right response to any incident or situation.
  • Reduced paperwork through automated processes. Using SummitFAST+, security managers and field leaders can compile daily activity reports, create incident reports complete with photographic and video documentation, make logbook entries, and prepare forms, customized to meet specific client needs.
  • Better communication via SummitFAST+ permits improved coordination between Summit’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and field leaders, enhancing incident response and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.
  • Improved performance assessments and discipline enforcement among security officers. SummitFAST+ compiles detailed records of training and counseling provided to security officers, permitting supervisors and managers to maximize personnel development and maintain performance standards.
  • With Guard tour verification and Geofencing, SummitFAST+ can track guards through their tours, using NFC sensor technology to make sure every designated point on the tour has been visited. The devices can also be configured to send alerts if a guard moves outside of a designated area.

Our clients can realize these benefits by opting to add SummitFAST+ devices to their accounts.

Call Dave Roth today at 516-663-6291 or email him to learn additional information about how SummitFAST+ can enhance your security program and get a customized quote.

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