Apr 18 2017

Summit’s MWBE Outreach

As part of its ongoing effort to foster diversity among supporting service partners, Summit undertakes a significant effort to build partnerships with certified minority- and women-owned enterprises (M/WBE). These partners serve as subcontractors to Summit, helping to fulfill MWBE requirements in a growing number of government agency contracts.

To meet the need for expanded MWBE partnerships, and create a larger pool of MWBE subcontractors, every year Summit contacts all Security Firms, Uniform Vendors, Vehicle Repair and Sales Companies listed in the New York State MWBE Certified Directory. Summit’s outreach to these firms includes certified mail inquiries, e-mails and phone calls, in an effort to reach all firms in the directory. After assessing the responses, Summit executives meet with representatives of responsive firms to determine if their operating philosophy mirrors Summit foundational values and service-oriented mindset, creating a basis for developing partnerships.

This process has generated remarkable success, resulting in durable partnerships that have allowed Summit to subcontract as many as 7,000 hours per week—annually between $8 million and $10 million—in security services to local MWBE firms. In the process, Summit has improved its ability to respond to government agencies who require MWBE participation and is extending a helping hand to nascent MWBE firms that can leverage the opportunity to grow their businesses.

Building solid MWBE partnerships compliments Summit’s core commitment to enriching the local communities we serve. Co-Presidents Robert and Nicholas Auletta are eager to help small companies that must compete with larger, well established rivals, as Summit did in its early years. To enhance the outreach, Summit has created a Diversity Program, which offers business mentoring to our MWBE subcontractors.

Under the program, Summit holds periodic informational workshops for our MWBE partners. These events feature guest speakers who discuss operational topics of interest to small businesses, ranging from HR Best Practices to Contract Lifecycle Management and beyond. These workshops allow our MWBE partners to network with top tier banks and companies, many of which are also Summit clients, potentially gaining key insights to help accelerate their businesses.

At a recent informational workshop, for example, JPMorgan Chase experts delivered insightful presentations on the process to qualify for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, preparing credit applications, assessing the financial health of a business, and tips for managing cash flow and business credit cards.

Summit is also looking to develop partnerships with Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB), drawing on our long history of advocacy for veterans and recruitment of military veterans to our firm. We are actively seeking SDVOB partners and will make all good faith efforts to meet SDVOB requirements.

For more information about Summit’s commitment to MWBE and SDVOB partnerships and how we meet diversity requirements, please contact us.

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