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  1. May 14 2019

    Watch Now: Our People Make the Difference

    At Summit, we are committed to the belief that “Everything Matters”. This means, we are passionate about how we hire, treat and develop our employees. Our extensive training prepares our officers to be the ambassadors for your organization.  

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  2. Mar 05 2019

    Preparing for School Violence with Treatment Assessment Management (TAM)

    By Kostas A. Katsavdakis, PhD, ABPP Many school districts administrators and parents continue to believe that active shooter incidents cannot and will not occur within their school district. This belief stems from a series of biases that school officials and parents possess, including the idea that children from certain types of backgrounds are unlikely to […]

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  3. Feb 13 2019

    Security Officer Frankie Rodriguez Promoted

    Summit Security Officer Frankie Rodriguez has been promoted to the position of Supervisor in the Connecticut Region. Frankie joined Summit in 2017 when Summit was awarded the contract to provide security services to a major client in Connecticut. He had been working as a security officer for the client since 2013. After joining the Summit […]

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  4. Feb 12 2019

    Is Your Security Team Prepared for Winter Weather?

    Winter weather poses unique challenges for security personnel who have to brave the elements to protect your location. Fortunately, there are several proactive steps you can take to make sure your security team is able to handle anything that winter throws at them. Discuss Vigilance with Security Provider Ice on walkways and stairs may not […]

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  5. Feb 05 2019

    How Advanced Mobile Technology Can Improve Your Security Program

    By John Liberti Vice President, Security Operations Center Summit Security Mobile technology is playing an increasing role in physical security services. Your security program can benefit from including mobile technology solutions that improve communication, enhance compliance, and accelerate incident response. Security Directors whose programs do not currently use a mobile solution or who use a […]

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