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  1. Mar 28 2014

    Meet Summit: Michael Ombres

    Michael Ombres is a Client Development Manager, specializing in Background Screening and Due Diligence Investigations. He recently joined Summit, bringing with him over twenty years of business development experience in the Consumer Credit and Information Services Industry. Having worked as a National Account Manager for a major background screening provider, Michael brings a wealth of […]

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  2. Mar 28 2014

    Surviving the Background Check Minefield

    “Ban-the-box” laws. Restrictions on social media checks. Regulatory actions. Disparate impact. Court overturns. State charges of federal overreach. These days, for many employers, doing your pre-employment background screening due diligence can seem like running through a legal and regulatory minefield. Are you aware of the changes that could impact your company? The movement to eliminate […]

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  3. Mar 24 2014

    Background Checks, Volunteers, and the Home Healthcare Industry

    Volunteer work plays a welcome – and often critical – role in today’s home healthcare industry. Not only can the generosity of others assist with critical situations or service gaps, but it can be a huge plus for a firm’s operational costs and bottom line. However, as with other areas of society there are individuals […]

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  4. Feb 27 2014

    Meet Summit: Anthony Triolo

    Anthony Triolo is a Senior Client Development Manager, with over 20 years of service with Summit. Tony plays a key role in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with clients across Summit’s service portfolio. Since 1993, he has established major service accounts with international financial institutions, media corporations, academic institutions, movie production studios, airports, real estate […]

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  5. Feb 25 2014

    First Aid Training for your Security and Personnel

    First aid, by definition, is an essential component of any emergency response situation. From assaults to accidents, knowing the proper action to take in a given situation can make the difference between life and death. Emergencies occur all around us, in every type of business and social environment. But regardless of setting, proper response knowledge […]

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  6. Feb 21 2014

    Studies Acknowledge the Importance of Security Guards in School Bullying Prevention Programs

    School bullying has reached epidemic proportions. According to (, 90 percent of fourth- through eighth-grade students reported being bullied. Nearly 300,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month. Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online. Bully victims are 200 to 900 percent more likely to consider suicide. Two recent […]

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