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  1. Nov 30 2017

    Roll Call: Veronica Molina, Human Resources Manager

    Veronica Molina is the Human Resources Manager at Summit’s Westchester/Hudson Valley, Albany, and Connecticut regional offices. As Human Resources Manager she implements Summit’s progressive human resources practices to support the company’s growing force of security officers. The Summit Report spoke with Veronica about her role in overseeing human resources in Summit’s largest geographical regions. TSR: […]

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  2. Nov 21 2017

    Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

      Here are some helpful tips to keep your holiday shopping safe and secure: Carry plastic instead of cash. If pick-pockets steal your wallet or purse, you can cancel your credit cards without penalty. Cash, on the other hand, is gone forever. Conceal shopping bags and boxes left unattended in your vehicle. Visible merchandise will […]

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  3. Nov 06 2017

    Identifying Suspicious Behavior Through Behavioral Analytics

    Security officers must deal with a wide range of constantly evolving threats. At the top of any list of such grim possibilities are bombings and active shooters/killers. While developing effective responses to such events remains critical, it is increasingly the goal of security professionals to identify individuals on the brink of committing a violent incident […]

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  4. Oct 31 2017

    How Does SummitFAST+ Benefit You?

    Summit leverages cutting-edge technology to lower costs and improve service for our customers. Our SummitFAST+ smartphones are a great example of technology delivering added value for our clients. These Android-based smartphones feature customized security apps that allow Summit security managers and field leaders to receive real time notifications regarding shift changes, reassignments, and action alerts […]

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  5. Oct 16 2017

    Roll Call: Paul Pavarini, Client Service Manager

    Paul Pavarini is a Client Service Manager (CSM) in the New York City Region, who manages one of Summit’s highest-profile accounts: Columbia University. Summit has been Columbia’s security partner since 1986. A former member of the New York Police Department (NYPD), Paul is certified in FBI Homeland Security Training and multijurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force […]

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  6. Oct 09 2017

    Active Shooter Preparedness

    Schools face a wide range of security concerns, but few more pressing than the possibility that their campus will someday face an active shooter situation. Over the past decade, schools at all academic levels—from grammar schools, middle schools and high schools to colleges and universities—have felt the tragic impact of multiple casualty events caused by […]

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