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  1. Nov 29 2018

    FEMA Offers Active Shooter Safety Online Course

    As active shooter incidents become more common, many employers are looking to prepare their staff as much as possible. With that in mind, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has created an online active shooter preparedness course. Although the course material is geared towards office spaces, the class is open to the general public and […]

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  2. Nov 29 2018

    Purdue University Partnership to Improve Employee Retention

    Summit is invested in our employees’ professional development because we know that better educated employees provide superior service to our clients. To boost our employees’ skills we have partnered with Purdue Global, an accredited degree program that offers working adults with inflexible schedules the freedom to learn at their own pace through online courses from […]

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  3. Oct 15 2018

    DHS Releases an Anti-Terrorism Guide for Commercial Facilities

    Commercial buildings hoping to receive SAFETY Act designation have a new tool to assist with their application process. Facility Executive magazine reported on the new anti-terrorism guide in late September. Similar to the threat assessment guide released by the Secret Service earlier this year, the new guide is designed to address the specific safety threats […]

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  4. Oct 02 2018

    How Unarmed Officers Can Handle Violent Situations

    An unarmed officer doesn’t necessarily mean an officer who can’t help prevent an active shooter situation. A recent article by ASIS discussed tips for unarmed Security Officers to be on the defensive. Below is a brief outline of how an unarmed officer can help prevent and respond to violent situations. Look for indications of threats […]

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  5. Sep 08 2018

    New Active Shooter Drill for Hospitals

    Active shooter scenarios are now frequently drilled in schools, companies, and other organizations with large groups of people. While the “run, hide, fight” drill is most common, hospitals—where patients may not have the complete ability to move by themselves—need to handle active shooters differently. Four experts, including Dr. Ken Mattox of the Texas Medical Center […]

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  6. Aug 30 2018

    Introducing Summit’s Strategic Alliance Partner Intelli-Tec Security

    At Summit, we are excited to have strategic alliance partners across all aspects of security, offering our customers a one-stop shop approach for a comprehensive security program. From electronic security (CCTV, access control, fire systems, visitor ID), drones, Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV, crisis management training, and gunshot detection, we strive to offer integrated guarding solutions […]

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