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  1. Apr 11 2016

    Have You Updated Your Campus Emergency Operations Plan?

    The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) recommends that every school have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that takes into consideration human-caused incidents like active shooters and bomb threats, as well as accidents like fires and natural disasters. Here are some tips security managers and senior administration members of the planning committee should consider when reviewing […]

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  2. Apr 06 2016

    Campus Security – Special Events Planning

    Schools often play host to high profile, well-attended events, including graduations, concerts, sporting matches and appearances by prominent political officials and celebrities. While these events raise the public profile of the host institution, they place a considerable burden on campus security personnel, who must provide appropriate protection for attendees. Security coverage for special events on […]

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  3. Mar 18 2016

    VIDEO: Summit vs. Long Island RoughRiders Sled Hockey Game

    On January 30, 2016, Summit employees took to the ice to battle the Long Island RoughRiders sled hockey team. The annual event benefits Long Island Sled Hockey Inc., a non-profit organization that gives physically or mentally handicapped athletes—including military veterans—the chance to compete in the fast-paced sport. Join us in video coverage of this year’s […]

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  4. Mar 11 2016

    Roll Call: Harry Bachrach, Operations Manager

    For more than a decade, Harry Bachrach has played a key role in Summit’s security operations in the Hudson Valley. Described by Hudson Valley Regional Manager Jude Murphy as a “legend” in the contract security management industry, Harry uses the lessons learned from more than 30 years’ operations experience to keep Summit’s expanding Hudson Valley […]

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  5. Mar 08 2016

    Have you seen… SummitFAST?

    Have you seen Summit security managers and field leaders accessing security information through Summit-branded devices at work sites? The handheld devices are actually Android-based smartphones with customized security apps that allow security managers and field leaders to receive real time notifications regarding shift changes, reassignments, and action alerts while in the field overseeing Summit’s ongoing […]

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  6. Jan 21 2016

    Looking Forward: Security Industry Trends and Outlook for 2016 and Beyond

    Despite growing concerns over a potential global economic slowdown, the outlook for the Private Security Services industry in the U.S. and abroad continues to be upbeat. As security concerns continue to escalate, government and private entities are expected to increase spending to improve all aspects of their security programs. The following statistics and trends suggest […]

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