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  1. Jan 29 2014

    Beating the Technology Curve – Before It Beats You

    Owning the latest smart-phone, television set, or wearable technology may not be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. But staying abreast of the most up-to-date in consumer electronics isn’t always about “keeping up with the Joneses.” For financial institutions and other entities that capture and retain customer data,  staying in advance of high-tech […]

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  2. Oct 31 2013

    Summit Participates in County Panel on School Violence Incident Response

    On October 29, Summit Vice President Nicholas M. Auletta, CPP, participated on a panel of law enforcement, security, legal, and related professional services experts as part of a presentation on school violence awareness for school administrators in Nassau County. The program, “Behavioral Indicators for Potential Violence: An Awareness Program for Educational Institutions,” was hosted by […]

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  3. Oct 31 2013

    Summit Security Officers Thwart Potentially Violent Situation

    Summit Hudson Valley and Connecticut Regional Manager Jude Murphy received the following letter from a very satisfied client.   Dear Mr. Murphy, I wanted to inform you of a recent incident here at the facility where your employees thwarted a potentially violent situation. Over the last several weeks, an employee began making disparaging comments regarding […]

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  4. Aug 22 2013

    Behavioral Analytics: The Importance of Threat Recognition in Modern Security

    No one person is equipped to predict the future, making the threat of active shooter incidents and similar violent acts a constant challenge to our peace of mind. But while training curricula have helped equip security personnel with tactics for responding to and mitigating violent events, the developing science of behavior analytics works to stop […]

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  5. Jun 27 2013

    Choosing the Right Contractor for School Security Assessments

    Many school district administrators have recognized the need for performing a security assessment—also called a threat and vulnerability risk assessment (TVRA)—but are not clear on how to choose a contract security firm to perform the job. Here are questions to help guide your selection process. 1. Does the firm have experience performing school security assessments […]

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