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  1. May 07 2018

    Reasons to Pay Above Minimum Wage

    More companies are opting to pay employees above state and federally mandated minimum wages as they realize that paying more in wages ultimately enhances performance and customer service. Summit’s 42 years of experience tell us that higher wages produce tangible benefits for both employees and customers. Here’s why: The Cost of Turnover There’s a clear […]

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  2. Mar 12 2018

    Meet Kaitlin Burden, Client Development Manager – Aviation

    Kaitlin Burden has joined Summit’s growing Aviation Team as a Client Development Manager. You may have seen her featured in the recent issue of Airport Voice. Prior to Summit, Kaitlin held various positions in business development and marketing at a number of regional companies, including at a multi-billion-dollar global leader in the electronic security equipment […]

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  3. Mar 08 2018

    Summit Specializes in Aircraft Cabin Searches

    Aircraft security is a top priority for all airlines, airports and passengers. After 9/11, the need to reinforce security policies drastically increased. One such policy that has been in place for more than 40 years is known as an “aircraft security search,” a routine inspection that entails a thorough check of an aircraft after passenger […]

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  4. Nov 30 2017

    Roll Call: Veronica Molina, Human Resources Manager

    Veronica Molina is the Human Resources Manager at Summit’s Westchester/Hudson Valley, Albany, and Connecticut regional offices. As Human Resources Manager she implements Summit’s progressive human resources practices to support the company’s growing force of security officers. The Summit Report spoke with Veronica about her role in overseeing human resources in Summit’s largest geographical regions. TSR: […]

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  5. Nov 21 2017

    Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

      Here are some helpful tips to keep your holiday shopping safe and secure: Carry plastic instead of cash. If pick-pockets steal your wallet or purse, you can cancel your credit cards without penalty. Cash, on the other hand, is gone forever. Conceal shopping bags and boxes left unattended in your vehicle. Visible merchandise will […]

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  6. Nov 06 2017

    Identifying Suspicious Behavior Through Behavioral Analytics

    Security officers must deal with a wide range of constantly evolving threats. At the top of any list of such grim possibilities are bombings and active shooters/killers. While developing effective responses to such events remains critical, it is increasingly the goal of security professionals to identify individuals on the brink of committing a violent incident […]

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