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  1. Oct 09 2017

    Active Shooter Preparedness

    Schools face a wide range of security concerns, but few more pressing than the possibility that their campus will someday face an active shooter situation. Over the past decade, schools at all academic levels—from grammar schools, middle schools and high schools to colleges and universities—have felt the tragic impact of multiple casualty events caused by […]

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  2. Sep 22 2017

    Roll Call: Ariel Rodriguez, Client Service Manager

    Ariel Rodriguez is a Client Service Manager in Summit’s New York City Regional office responsible for supporting the security operations of media giant ABC Disney. He is involved with all facets of this high profile corporate account, which consist of scheduling, client contact, officer management and payroll. The Summit Report spoke with Ariel about his […]

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  3. Sep 05 2017

    Security at the World’s Leading Media Giants

    New York City is home to some of the world’s leading media giants. So it should be no surprise that Summit provides comprehensive security services to a number of high profile media companies across the greater New York metropolitan region. These organizations face a wide array of specific security threats and challenges. In order to […]

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  4. Aug 27 2017

    Summit Helps Protect Critical Transportation Infrastructures

    Summit plays a major role in protecting the New York metropolitan area’s most critical transportation infrastructure. Maintaining the safety of railroads, bridges and airports is vital to ensuring the continued vitality of the region’s economy and the comfort and free movement of people. Summit is proud of its longstanding partnerships with the public agencies that […]

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  5. Aug 22 2017

    Roll Call: Helena Rodriguez, Terminal Manager

    Helena Rodriguez has been with Summit for more than 15 years. Since 2011, she has managed a security force of over 160 personnel at JFK International Airport. Helena oversees day-to-day operations at the terminal, including traffic control, catering security, the Security Command Center and internal building security functions. The Summit Report spoke with Helena about […]

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  6. Jul 28 2017

    Roll Call: Jim Volpe, Client Service Manager

    Jim Volpe is a Client Service Manager for Summit’s Long Island Regional Office. Leveraging more than a quarter century of experience with Summit, he successfully manages some of Summit’s largest accounts on Long Island and has participated in the planning and execution of a number of major special events at which Summit has provided security […]

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