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  1. Aug 22 2017

    Roll Call: Helena Rodriguez, Terminal Manager

    Helena Rodriguez has been with Summit for more than 15 years. Since 2011, she has managed a security force of over 160 personnel at JFK International Airport. Helena oversees day-to-day operations at the terminal, including traffic control, catering security, the Security Command Center and internal building security functions. The Summit Report spoke with Helena about […]

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  2. Jul 28 2017

    Roll Call: Jim Volpe, Client Service Manager

    Jim Volpe is a Client Service Manager for Summit’s Long Island Regional Office. Leveraging more than a quarter century of experience with Summit, he successfully manages some of Summit’s largest accounts on Long Island and has participated in the planning and execution of a number of major special events at which Summit has provided security […]

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  3. Jul 10 2017

    Security Challenges at Special Events

    Special events—whether at public or private venues—pose unique and demanding security challenges. Security plans must strike a careful balance between providing the appropriate level of security to fully protect the event, while avoiding unnecessary restrictions on attendee movement or causing them to feel uncomfortable. Planning security for a special event should begin well in advance. […]

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  4. Jun 05 2017

    Roll Call: Pete Bartolillo, Client Service Manager

    Peter Bartolillo is a Client Service Manager at Summit’s Long Island Regional Office in Melville, New York, which provides security services to dozens of schools and school districts. A long-time Summit employee, Peter previously served as Client Service Manager, Field Leader and Operations Manager at Summit’s New York City Regional Office in Manhattan. TSR: How […]

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  5. May 30 2017

    Roll Call: Orlando Garcia, Site Manager

    Orlando Garcia is a Site Manager for Summit, assigned to oversee Summit security officers protecting Long Beach City School District facilities on Long Island. Orlando joined Summit about a year and a half ago after a lengthy career in law enforcement. The Summit Report sat down with Orlando to discuss the Site Manager’s role and […]

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  6. May 03 2017

    Careers at Summit

    One of Summit’s foundational philosophies is that “Summit is our people.” This means that, as an industry leader, we recruit and train the best people to serve our clients as dedicated security officers, supervisors and managers. It also means that Summit security officers and life/fire safety personnel have not only a job, but potentially a […]

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