Apr 15 2019

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Security Turnover

Retaining good employees is a challenge for any business. When those employees are security officers that protect your facilities, failing to hold on to the best officers can lead to security failures and disruptions that can harm your organization. Below, we’ve listed the top five ways to reduce the turnover rate of security personnel at your locations.

Create an atmosphere of transparency and strong communication

Reducing turnover rates starts before security officers have been hired. Employee feedback and constant communication are important to create a cohesive, collaborative environment. Ask your security provider about their methods for maintaining an open dialogue with all staff. As with recognizing security officers for their hard work, internal newsletters are a great way of keeping the lines of communication open and informing everyone in the organization of any changes or other important information. Programs that allow employees to submit suggestions to management will allow them to actively contribute to the organization and have a role in the success of the company. Supervisors and human resource representatives should also be available for security officers. Ensure that local management teams are easily accessible for security officers to voice their concerns and ask questions. Staff who feel that their employer cares are more likely to remain with the company.

Recruit the right people

Your security services provider should have a robust screening and vetting program in place to ensure that only the most qualified recruits are selected. Ask your provider how they recruit officers for open positions.

After candidates have been selected to move forward with interviewing, they should undergo a rigorous background screening process to ensure their qualifications, skills, and temperament fit the expectations of the security services provider and client. Confirm with your service provider if they use any screening software and what the criteria for screening includes. You may also want to interview security officers personally before they’re assigned to your site. These steps ensure that the officers at your location are a good fit, reducing the likelihood of turnover.

Reward high performance security officers

Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay with the company and will continue to meet or exceed your expectations. Ask your security provider what rewards and incentives they offer security staff for exceptional efforts. Reward programs that offer public recognition and a financial benefit for outstanding service and internal newsletters that announce employee achievements and publicly congratulate them encourage high standards and workplace rapport. Additionally, let your provider know if you’re satisfied with a particular security officer’s performance—this praise will show that you recognize their effort and will encourage the security officer to remain at your location.

Provide opportunities for professional growth

Professional development encourages employees to learn and develop their skill set, thus providing your site with higher caliber security officers. Advanced training should be offered to security officers and they should be encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities through recognition from management and/or monetary incentives. Confirm whether or not your security provider offers training programs customized for both the security industry and your specific site. Some employers partner with universities and colleges to offer a reduced tuition rate for staff; check in with your security partner to see if this is an option for their officers. These benefits add to officers’ training and create an additional incentive to remain with the company.

Have a solid pay policy

Additionally, confirm with your security provider whether or not uniforms are paid for and provided to security officers. Some companies offer only the basic necessities and expect officers to be responsible for the remaining uniform costs. By providing free uniforms, security providers are more likely to have a higher retention rate.

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